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What to Expect

During your first visit…
You will have a consultation with the doctor which includes a complete history and physical examination. The doctor may order venous testing with ultrasound. This allows us to visualize the blood flow through your leg veins and see the valves inside your veins and assess their function. The blood normally flows in an upward direction through your veins. An abnormal test may show the blood flowing in a downward direction indicating venous insufficiencies and varicose veins with its usual complications, such as leg pain, swelling & ulcer formation.

During your second visit…
The doctor will discuss with you the plan of therapy in detail. It includes various options available.

If you are found to have reversal of blood flow in your leg veins (venous reflux) we recommend EVLT for venous closure with high ligation (a minimally invasive procedure). If both legs need surgery, the procedures are done in two stages, two to three weeks apart. Clusters of large visible bulging varicose veins are treated using the modern minimally invasive procedure called Micro-Phlebectomy. There are virtually no scars after this procedure. Depending on the number of varicose vein clusters to be treated, multiple sessions of surgery may be required.

Proliferative vascular lesions, like spider veins and reticular veins, will be treated with Transdermal Laser Treatment.